The Beginning

Hi folks. A little bit about me: my name is Judy, and I’m a 21 year old from Ohio. I work Monday-Friday as a babysitter, for $200 a week, and I just (as in yesterday) got a job on the weekends hostessing for $8/hr. I feel like I may be slightly crazy to voluntarily work 7 days week, but I am trying to be gazelle intense (thank you, Dave Ramsey) in order to pay off my debt. Which is here, as follows:

-Credit card (bank #1) $1,760.93

-Credit card (bank #2) $1,022.73

-Credit card (store #1) $392.43

-Credit card (store #2) $10.95

Now, I realize to many people this is not very much at all, but seeing as I’ve been making $800 a month, plus the fact that I have a $250 car payment and $150 in student loans to pay, it’s been surprisingly hard to pay down this debt. It’s been very stressful! Here are my current assets:

-Checking account $278.12

-Savings account #1 300.00

-Savings account #2 49.72

The first savings account has to have $300 in it, or I will automatically have to continue to put $25 in it each month from my checking account. This is fine, as I’m keeping it in the bank to pay for school in a few months. My second savings account currently has $4.50 a week being shuffled there automatically in the hopes I don’t realize what is happening, and suddenly amass a ton of money (thank you, David Bach) 🙂 Which is slightly doubtful but, why not.

Anyways! This blog is to serve as an accountability to me for my spending, saving, bill paying, and basically just a way for me to track my progress towards my goals. Oh, and I’m kind of a couponing nerd so there will be plenty of posts devoted to that, but that has to do with spending and saving money, so it’s all good. 🙂


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