My Financial Plans for April

Well, it’s almost a new month, and that means time for my financial plans! Since I haven’t started my weekend hostessing gig, that money is not being figured into this yet. Any money I make in April from that job will be figured into May’s budget.

Income: $800

  • Car Payment: $250
  • Student Loans: $150
  • Credit Cards: $300
  • Saving: $18
  • Gas, food, misc spending: $82

Some planned expenses this month include splitting a parking fee at a hockey game with my boyfriend on 4/01… not sure how much that will be. I had to buy non-skid shoes for work which were $22 at Walmart. I’m getting an eyebrow wax sometime this month, but I have a giftcard I can use for that 🙂 I will also be going to Victoria’s Secret on Monday to pay off my credit card, which has a $10.95 balance. I also will have a coupon for a free pair of panties and a $10 SCR so hopefully I walk out just paying my bills and using those, and nothing else!! I need to be good. 🙂


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