CVS Trip 4/12/11 – Free Bubbles, Candy, Coke and Hand Soap

Well, today was a lovely day at CVS. I got the following things:

1 Super Bubbles 1.99 with a 1.99 ECB
1 Russell Stover marshmallow egg .74 with a .74 ECB (not pictured because… I ate it :p )
1 Diet Coke 1.69
1 Essence of Beauty Antimicrobial hand soap 3.99

The fun thing was that I paid for the Diet Coke and the EoB soap with coupons from Facebook and Twitter! Thanks goes to for those tips. Plus, the coupon I used for the Diet Coke was good up to 2.00, and even though the pop was only 1.69, it took off the full 2.00 value. 😀 So I paid 0.00 for each off those items. I paid for the balance with a gift card except for .66 🙂 I didn’t use any ECB’s to pay for the bubbles or marshmallow egg, since my lowest ECB was 3.00 and I didn’t feel like finding a filler item! LOL


Walgreens Trip 4/11/11 – Carefree MM

Quick little trip to Wags today… I haven’t been there in quite a while, as I personally find Rite-Aid and CVS to have better deals, plus I like the Wellness Rewards program and ECB program MUCH better than the pitiful RR program. However, I cleaned out my wallet and realized I had about $25.00 on there from back in the day of their ESR program, where you would submit rebate items with a 10% bonus on a Wags gift card. Those were the days 😉 Which also shows how long it’s been since I’ve done much Wag-ing. lol Anyways I started with this simple deal:

3 Carefrees @ .99 each, had .50/1 coupons for each, and each gave out a 1.00 RR. By the way, I split this up into 3 separate transactions so that I would get RR’s for each 🙂 I paid with my gift card, so no money out of pocket for me, plus I essentially doubled my Wags spending money so… sweetness.

Rite Aid Trip 4/10/11 – Body Wash, Contact Lense Solution, Candy MM

Before work Sunday morning, I stopped in to do some quick shopping at Rite-Aid… I bought:

1 AMO Complete Contact Lense solution, 7.99 with a 1.00/1 coupon, plus a 7.99 SCR
2 Gillette men’s body wash, 2.99 each with a BOGO coupon, plus a 2.00 +UP for each (4.00 total)
4 Snickers eggs, .50 each, with 1.00/2 coupons = free
1 Russell Stovers egg .33 (filler item to bring me to a positive cash balance)
— used a 3/15 coupon, paid with a 5.00 +UP and a 1.99 +UP, total was .32 plus tax = $1.20, plus got back 4.00 in +UP and will get 7.99 for the SCR… so this was a nice little money maker 🙂

Rite-Aid trip!

A few things of importance happened today:

I had a lovely trip to Rite-Aid:
-2 Scunchi Elastics @1.99 -> 1.99 +UP
-1 Gillette Razor @ 9.99 with a $5.00/1 coupon -> 5.00 +UP
-1 Poligrip @ 1.99 with a 1.99 rebate

Plus I used a $3/15 coupon and a $1/1 coupon so this is essentially a $4 MM, minus tax. 😀 I spent $7.89 out of pocket (OOP) since I didn’t have any +UP rewards, and got 8.98 in +UP rewards back, plus the 1.99 rebate.

-Spent $4.79 on postage for books I’m mailing at PaperBackSwap 🙂

-Aaaaand I had a job interview today, for a new day job. It didn’t go that well, IMO and I’d be really surprised if it ends up working out but… I guess we’ll see!

I paid off my first credit card!

Last night I paid off my Victoria’s Secret credit card 😀 I even went there and… wait for it… didn’t buy a THING! Go me 🙂 Of course I was quite tempted, as I am in love with their bras, especially the Miraculous bra but… I certainly don’t NEED any more bras, I have a bunch already. And don’t even get me started on my underwear drawer 😉

While I was at the mall, however, I did spend $15.04 on two bracelets, one for me and one for my boyfriend. They are To Write Love on Her Arms bracelets, which is something that means a lot to us. Pink for me, blue for the boy. 🙂

Spending so far this month

  • Gas $32.35
  • Rite-Aid $1.88 (.49 + tax)
  • CVS $1.74 (.36 + tax)

Total HBA purchased from Rite-Aid & CVS:

2 Tena pads

1 Poligrip

1 Crest toothpaste

1 Crest mouthwash

2 Right Guard body washes

2 Gum flossers

I’ll probably sell most of those at my garage sale this summer, plus I can submit the Tena & Poligrip for the Rite-Aid single check rebate and get $21.97 back… 🙂

Day One at my New Job

Well, today marked my first official day at my 2nd job. I think, all in all, things went fairly well. It was a little overwhelming at times, but I can see where eventually, I will get used to it and be able to take things in stride, once I know the servers, table numbers, menu items and where everything is. But, on the plus side, nobody was terribly mean, I didn’t make any giant mistakes, I didn’t run away screaming so I suppose that means it was an OK day 🙂 I worked 5.07 hours today, at $8 an hour is $40.56 gross. I don’t know yet exactly how much will be taken out for taxes, but even for a gross wage that’s not too bad. When I babysit, some days I work nearly twice that length of time and get paid the same amount. Now, granted I am sitting around playing blocks and feeding a baby, versus running around in a restaurant but… still. It will be nice to have more money to track!

I ended up not going to the game with my boyfriend, so we didn’t spend any money on parking. Instead, we got McDonalds, which he paid for 🙂 and watched a DVD. So far, I haven’t spent any money yet this month. I also received a check from my mom yesterday which I deposited – $110, for some money I had lent her. I’m sitting on about $580 in my bank account now, including my paycheck from yesterday, so that should be plenty to start getting my bills paid this month. Yay!