Rite Aid Trip 4/10/11 – Body Wash, Contact Lense Solution, Candy MM

Before work Sunday morning, I stopped in to do some quick shopping at Rite-Aid… I bought:

1 AMO Complete Contact Lense solution, 7.99 with a 1.00/1 coupon, plus a 7.99 SCR
2 Gillette men’s body wash, 2.99 each with a BOGO coupon, plus a 2.00 +UP for each (4.00 total)
4 Snickers eggs, .50 each, with 1.00/2 coupons = free
1 Russell Stovers egg .33 (filler item to bring me to a positive cash balance)
— used a 3/15 coupon, paid with a 5.00 +UP and a 1.99 +UP, total was .32 plus tax = $1.20, plus got back 4.00 in +UP and will get 7.99 for the SCR… so this was a nice little money maker 🙂


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