Walgreens Trip 4/11/11 – Carefree MM

Quick little trip to Wags today… I haven’t been there in quite a while, as I personally find Rite-Aid and CVS to have better deals, plus I like the Wellness Rewards program and ECB program MUCH better than the pitiful RR program. However, I cleaned out my wallet and realized I had about $25.00 on there from back in the day of their ESR program, where you would submit rebate items with a 10% bonus on a Wags gift card. Those were the days 😉 Which also shows how long it’s been since I’ve done much Wag-ing. lol Anyways I started with this simple deal:

3 Carefrees @ .99 each, had .50/1 coupons for each, and each gave out a 1.00 RR. By the way, I split this up into 3 separate transactions so that I would get RR’s for each 🙂 I paid with my gift card, so no money out of pocket for me, plus I essentially doubled my Wags spending money so… sweetness.


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