CVS Trip 4/12/11 – Free Bubbles, Candy, Coke and Hand Soap

Well, today was a lovely day at CVS. I got the following things:

1 Super Bubbles 1.99 with a 1.99 ECB
1 Russell Stover marshmallow egg .74 with a .74 ECB (not pictured because… I ate it :p )
1 Diet Coke 1.69
1 Essence of Beauty Antimicrobial hand soap 3.99

The fun thing was that I paid for the Diet Coke and the EoB soap with coupons from Facebook and Twitter! Thanks goes to for those tips. Plus, the coupon I used for the Diet Coke was good up to 2.00, and even though the pop was only 1.69, it took off the full 2.00 value. 😀 So I paid 0.00 for each off those items. I paid for the balance with a gift card except for .66 🙂 I didn’t use any ECB’s to pay for the bubbles or marshmallow egg, since my lowest ECB was 3.00 and I didn’t feel like finding a filler item! LOL


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