Financial update

-Credit card (bank #1) $1,391.09 PREVIOUSLY: $1,760.93

-Credit card (bank #2) $1,002.66 PREVIOUSLY: $1,022.73

-Credit card (store #1) $0.00 šŸ˜€ PREVIOUSLY: $392.43

-Credit card (store #2) $0.00 šŸ˜€ PREVIOUSLY: $10.95

-Checking account $246.64 PREVIOUSLY: $278.12

-Savings account #1 $282.00 PREVIOUSLY: $300.00

-Savings account #2 $102.82 PREVIOUSLY: $49.72

As you can see, I have paid off both store cards, and am working on my bank cards now! I am paying the higher balance credit card off first because it has a much higher interest rate – 24% verses 10%. I have also added significantly to my savings. I should mention that my savings account currently has $500 out, as a short-term loan to my parents, to be paid back by the end of this month at the latest. So, if you include that, I actually have $782.00 in my savings, which is awesome. šŸ™‚ I am sending my extra money there until I hit $1,000 between my two savings accounts (only $115.18 to go!) and then putting extra money into paying off my credit cards.
By the way, I forget off hand if I mentioned on here or not but I quit my 2nd job. The restaurant I worked at – a popular chain that shall remain nameless – became insanity. The training was lazy, haphazard and completely ridiculous, and I was thrown off the deep end. Fun times included being left alone on a busy weekend lunch by myself, having only been there a few days and still not knowing very much, because the other girl had suddenly quit, in tears due to a manager’s complete and utter incompetence, rudeness and disrespect towards her. Basically, the job was not worth the trouble. However, I have picked up a few more babysitting jobs to bring in some extra money, and that’s been great.


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