I’ve had a slight blogging hiatus…

… but I am happy to be back on track here. I’ve been doing pretty good, all in all, although I will admit to a small shopping fest yesterday. I think I was still pretty frugal though- at Target, I found a Converse shirt on clearance for $3.24 for my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday, two shirts for me on clearance for $3.24 and $3.78, and a CUTE dress on clearance for $18. I also went to JC Penney’s, and I got sandals for myself for $20 and a shirt for my boyfriend, on sale for $10 and I had a $10 off $10 coupon, so that was free. Stocking up for his birthday gifts 🙂 Also went to JoAnn’s and got some stuff for his birthday – I’m making him cake pops and I’m so excited, ha ha. I LOVE baking and decorating cupcakes and cake so much, I even have a plastic bin overflowing with sprinkles and various goodies.

Also… yesterday marked a fantastic day in that it official kicked off Yard Sale Season! I’ve been going to garage/yard sales all my life and I adore them. I found several great treasures yesterday. I maintain a list of specific things I am on the lookout for at sales, and continually update it. Examples include: Fiesta dinnerware, glass jars, Berenstain Bear books, and candles or wicks, because I like making and recycling candles. However, yesterday I got: a cooler for $2, a GIANT candle and holder for $1, a small candle and great glass holder for .10, a children’s toy for the baby I watch for .25, a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper for .25, a children’s book for .25, an OSU mug for .50 and a OSU drink tumbler for .25.

I apologize for the long descriptions, I didn’t go through everything and take pictures – however, I will be doing pictures again like I did in all my previous posts. 🙂


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