Yard Sale Finds – Saturday 6/11/11


I went to yard sales yesterday, and I had a great time as usual. I bought a few cool things, such as:
– Pocahontas DVD for $1 – sells on Half for $8-9
– MANY candles – all of the tapers were in a box for .25.
– 10 Votive candle holders for .10 each. This is where I take those old candles, melt them and put them in the glass holders and BOOM, a new, pretty looking candle. 🙂
– Many books, especially children’s books. Highlights include 8 Dr. Seuss books in new condition for .10 each.
– Frisbee – something I’ve been wanting to buy for about a month! LOL.
– And my favorite find… a GIANT MASSIVE collection of old, no expiration date (NED) coupons!! See that Ziploc bag in the middle? That’s FULL of these coupons. I may have to do a whole post devoted to this awesome find. They are so interesting to me, but then again, I’m a coupon nerd. 🙂


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