Rite-Aid trip!

A few things of importance happened today:

I had a lovely trip to Rite-Aid:
-2 Scunchi Elastics @1.99 -> 1.99 +UP
-1 Gillette Razor @ 9.99 with a $5.00/1 coupon -> 5.00 +UP
-1 Poligrip @ 1.99 with a 1.99 rebate

Plus I used a $3/15 coupon and a $1/1 coupon so this is essentially a $4 MM, minus tax. 😀 I spent $7.89 out of pocket (OOP) since I didn’t have any +UP rewards, and got 8.98 in +UP rewards back, plus the 1.99 rebate.

-Spent $4.79 on postage for books I’m mailing at PaperBackSwap 🙂

-Aaaaand I had a job interview today, for a new day job. It didn’t go that well, IMO and I’d be really surprised if it ends up working out but… I guess we’ll see!


I paid off my first credit card!

Last night I paid off my Victoria’s Secret credit card 😀 I even went there and… wait for it… didn’t buy a THING! Go me 🙂 Of course I was quite tempted, as I am in love with their bras, especially the Miraculous bra but… I certainly don’t NEED any more bras, I have a bunch already. And don’t even get me started on my underwear drawer 😉

While I was at the mall, however, I did spend $15.04 on two bracelets, one for me and one for my boyfriend. They are To Write Love on Her Arms bracelets, which is something that means a lot to us. Pink for me, blue for the boy. 🙂

Spending so far this month

  • Gas $32.35
  • Rite-Aid $1.88 (.49 + tax)
  • CVS $1.74 (.36 + tax)

Total HBA purchased from Rite-Aid & CVS:

2 Tena pads

1 Poligrip

1 Crest toothpaste

1 Crest mouthwash

2 Right Guard body washes

2 Gum flossers

I’ll probably sell most of those at my garage sale this summer, plus I can submit the Tena & Poligrip for the Rite-Aid single check rebate and get $21.97 back… 🙂

Day One at my New Job

Well, today marked my first official day at my 2nd job. I think, all in all, things went fairly well. It was a little overwhelming at times, but I can see where eventually, I will get used to it and be able to take things in stride, once I know the servers, table numbers, menu items and where everything is. But, on the plus side, nobody was terribly mean, I didn’t make any giant mistakes, I didn’t run away screaming so I suppose that means it was an OK day 🙂 I worked 5.07 hours today, at $8 an hour is $40.56 gross. I don’t know yet exactly how much will be taken out for taxes, but even for a gross wage that’s not too bad. When I babysit, some days I work nearly twice that length of time and get paid the same amount. Now, granted I am sitting around playing blocks and feeding a baby, versus running around in a restaurant but… still. It will be nice to have more money to track!

I ended up not going to the game with my boyfriend, so we didn’t spend any money on parking. Instead, we got McDonalds, which he paid for 🙂 and watched a DVD. So far, I haven’t spent any money yet this month. I also received a check from my mom yesterday which I deposited – $110, for some money I had lent her. I’m sitting on about $580 in my bank account now, including my paycheck from yesterday, so that should be plenty to start getting my bills paid this month. Yay!

My Financial Plans for April

Well, it’s almost a new month, and that means time for my financial plans! Since I haven’t started my weekend hostessing gig, that money is not being figured into this yet. Any money I make in April from that job will be figured into May’s budget.

Income: $800

  • Car Payment: $250
  • Student Loans: $150
  • Credit Cards: $300
  • Saving: $18
  • Gas, food, misc spending: $82

Some planned expenses this month include splitting a parking fee at a hockey game with my boyfriend on 4/01… not sure how much that will be. I had to buy non-skid shoes for work which were $22 at Walmart. I’m getting an eyebrow wax sometime this month, but I have a giftcard I can use for that 🙂 I will also be going to Victoria’s Secret on Monday to pay off my credit card, which has a $10.95 balance. I also will have a coupon for a free pair of panties and a $10 SCR so hopefully I walk out just paying my bills and using those, and nothing else!! I need to be good. 🙂

The Beginning

Hi folks. A little bit about me: my name is Judy, and I’m a 21 year old from Ohio. I work Monday-Friday as a babysitter, for $200 a week, and I just (as in yesterday) got a job on the weekends hostessing for $8/hr. I feel like I may be slightly crazy to voluntarily work 7 days week, but I am trying to be gazelle intense (thank you, Dave Ramsey) in order to pay off my debt. Which is here, as follows:

-Credit card (bank #1) $1,760.93

-Credit card (bank #2) $1,022.73

-Credit card (store #1) $392.43

-Credit card (store #2) $10.95

Now, I realize to many people this is not very much at all, but seeing as I’ve been making $800 a month, plus the fact that I have a $250 car payment and $150 in student loans to pay, it’s been surprisingly hard to pay down this debt. It’s been very stressful! Here are my current assets:

-Checking account $278.12

-Savings account #1 300.00

-Savings account #2 49.72

The first savings account has to have $300 in it, or I will automatically have to continue to put $25 in it each month from my checking account. This is fine, as I’m keeping it in the bank to pay for school in a few months. My second savings account currently has $4.50 a week being shuffled there automatically in the hopes I don’t realize what is happening, and suddenly amass a ton of money (thank you, David Bach) 🙂 Which is slightly doubtful but, why not.

Anyways! This blog is to serve as an accountability to me for my spending, saving, bill paying, and basically just a way for me to track my progress towards my goals. Oh, and I’m kind of a couponing nerd so there will be plenty of posts devoted to that, but that has to do with spending and saving money, so it’s all good. 🙂